Brad Paisley - Who Needs Pictures

℗ 1999 Arista Records, Inc.

Who Needs Pictures Tracklist:


I miss the old Brad!


this song he didn’t have to be is for you dad love you always from all us.. RONALD DALE COWAN R.I.P….we played this loud and proud for you dad, we miss you…..


This cd has been one of my favorites in my collection since I first got it for my birthday back in 2000. To me, it's still some of Brad's best work to date. I loved "Who Needs Pictures," his very first single, since the first time hearing it on the radio. It's a great twist on the "someone's left somebody" song, and I love the emotion in his voice here. Then came "He Didn't Have To Be" which to this day, still gives me chills and gets me teary eyed when I hear it. These two songs convinced me I really needed to get this album, and I'm sure glad I did! Besides those classic first two singles, it also includes "We Danced" which I believe really broke him through in the business and is another classic Paisley hit. And also "Me Neither" was the first time we saw the humorous side of Brad and is a great upbeat tune where he and the other musicians show off their skills in the end. The rest of the album is just as good as the singles. It's actually quite a variety of traditional country styles. There's the fun upbeat summer romp in "Long Sermon." There's western swing in another humorous novelty tune "It Never Would've Worked Out Anyway." And then there's an old fashioned honky tonk shuffle with "Sleepin' On The Foldout." "Holdin' On To You" is another great heartbreak ballad and another favorite. "I've Been Better" has sort of an island feel to it, and "Don't Breathe" sounds a lot like the kind of upbeat song Alan Jackson or Paul Overstreet would've done in the early 90's. Then there's another one of my personal favorites: "Cloud Of Dust." It's just a great song about the struggles of a West Texas farmer, and it features some lovely fiddle playing. He closes the album with a traditional gospel tune "In The Garden" which is also beautiful. I'd love to see him release another album that's as consistent as this and his second album, Part II.


Won't download gets to about 30% and starts over or says cannot be downloaded. On IPhone 4S


I love the song we danced

Turtle pwr

One of the best albums ever made... I played some of the songs for my rocker friends that hate country music, they still hate country but are Brad Paisley fans


if you are going for entertaniener of the year you have it in a bag


its the best song on my ipod!!


I'll rate all of these on a scale from 1 - 10... Long Sermon: 8 Me Neither: 10 Who Needs Pictures: 7 Don't Breathe: 7 He Didn't Have To Be: 8 It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway: 6 Holdin' On To You: 6 I've Been Better: 6 We Danced: 9 Sleepin' On The Foldout: 8 Cloud of Dust: 7 The Nervous Breakdown: 8 In The Garden: 6 This really is a beautiful album. Please buy it!


I dedicated the song ( He didn't have to be) to my step dad because he was there for me when he didn't have to be. Love ya dad your the best Love your son, Tommy


I own this CD and it is SOO good!! Brad Paisley is my FAVORITE male country singer besides Randy Travis. Man, I can't believe this was released a decade ago already.

Sparky 300

Brad Paisley is amazing. I love his guitar in his songs. I love He Didn't Have To Be. Keep up the good work Brad.


Nice mix of songs

country lovin kinda girl

Brad is an all around amzing musician.... great writer, singer, guitarist, entertainer. he's one of the best around. my favorite! this album is a great debut album to show off his talent


This is one his best albums. Buy It!