Wilder Woods - Wilder Woods

℗ 2019 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Wilder Woods Tracklist:


I think this album is actually the natural progression from the last NTB ep forever on your side. I thought that those songs were very soulful and honest and I had hoped the group would do more in that direction. So I am extremely glad to hear this project keep that momentum going. I hope that Bear continues in this direction and releases more great music. Looking forward to seeing wilder Woods in Brooklyn in September


I feel this music in my bones. I appreciate his work in both bands. I was a bit miffed that they blocked me on Twitter when they first introduced WilderWoods, because I knew immediately that he was the mysterious man behind the music, and I didn’t know that they were trying to keep it secret. Bad PR, great music. His voice is unique and unmistakable.


My favorite voice on Earth, Bear Rinehart, has put his heart and soul into this album and it definitely shows. It’s fresh, soulful, and original. Do yourself a favor and but this album. You won’t regret it.


So glad to discover this music - sounds so “upward” and fresh. My hope for the future of music is strong because of this album!


I absolutely love Bear’s voice and this album did not disappoint! Cant wait for the next one!!

crazy momfan

Your voice makes me want to dance! Love it, love it, LOVE IT! ❤️❤️❤️


Strong Vocals...A Different Sound....Glad I bought it.

Jussi habitat

This album is amazing. So hard to pick a favorite song. This new music is so good from Bear. Love Wilder Woods.


Wow! A great blend of soul, funk an Bear’s unmistakably amazing voice make this album all we could hope for. I have waited with much anticipation for this album and it does not disappoint!


Loving this solo project! Bear’s voice is stellar and it has so much funk and so much soul. Totally dig it!


Couple good tracks. Not on NTB level though. Vocals still unmatched.

Music listener ;)

The vocals? Amazing The instrumentals? G r o o v y The accent? Gives it life The lyrics? Well done


Simply amazing! Can’t wait for the whole album to be released. Bear Rineharts side project displays more of his creativity in a powerful way. I have loved Needtobreathe from day one as he is the lead singer but this work is a masterpiece.


So proud of Bear for creating this masterpiece. Doesn’t disappoint!

Alex Wetherell

Wilder Woods is a familiar voice with an incredible new soul. This album’s split personality will leave you in a chill relaxed mood, but will also leave you wanting to dance. Hats off to Bear to taking this leap of faith. It’s paid off tremendously.

I guess my nickname was taken...

These songs will not disappoint. You’ll be hooked after the first listen.

Indy Adrian

Bear Rinehart voice has never failed to amaze me. If the rest of the album is as good the first songs released, I can see an Emmy in his future!


So good!! Let that soul shine!


I’ve loved NTB for years and have never been disappointed. This new solo project by NTB lead singer is no different. Soulful, authentic, and at times hauntingly beautiful. Can’t wait for the rest of the album to be released!


Bear had songs and a sound in him that he needed to get out. And they’re songs I needed to hear. I love his solo sound. Love the groove to the music. And of course, that voice. He wasn’t fooling anyone with the Wilder Woods name. We knew from the first note. I love this album and hope this isn’t a one time thing.