Saturday Night Live Cast - Wishin' Boot (feat. Blake Shelton)

℗ 2015 Back Lot Music

Wishin' Boot (feat. Blake Shelton) - Single Tracklist:

Julian from NYC

I used to think that Bohemian Rhapsody was the greatest song in the history of recorded music...until Wishin' Boot came along. There's nothing better than a knife-wielding boot that can produce fruit and bail people out of jail. Now I'm a believer. SPOILER ALERT: The whole dang time the dog had been the boot.

Cowboy Cleatus

Hate to admit this song has been stuck in my head! ..darn boot!


Love the song but the album cover is amazing! Rosalind rocks! Great job!

Concerned reader 2duck

Can't get enough boot.


Love it! The shot of the boot on the phone talking to Aidy in jail is priceless. You guys should collaborate on more comedy country ditties.

Wishin Boot

You guys are the best never forget me!!! 🌈💎🌈💖🌈💋🌈🍕🌈👢