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I haven’t heard of this song or Zach before until the movie Clouds that came out on Disney plus and it touched my heart and it was soo sad and it’s not only that he’s dead...It’s also the song and it’s meaning May your soul fly high with the angels ❤️


I’m gonna start off by saying I’m mad I just found out about Zach and his story from the movie Clouds. Great person, great movie, phenomenal song. Anything to support with finding a cure for cancer. Cheers to you Zach!


Amazing song! Just watched the movie. He will be missed. I know he passed years ago but he will be missed! What an amazing person

Saber awesomeness

If you don’t cry at least 5 times in this movie then did you really watch it?! Such a touching and amazing story, and so sad. May Zach Rest In Peace and his legacy live on!

Kennedy Derisdan

I watched the movie also! This song is so loving.Rest in peace Zach💕


I watched the movie and cried the whole time! Love you! 💕


This song has its meaning


We miss you Zach💙. You inspired millions to follow your footsteps.


I just finished the movie and ugly cried the entire time. Disney, you did an amazing job bringing this story to life. Zach, thank you for this song. It is a gift to us all. 💓 Justin Baldoni, thank you for staying true to Zach.

Jenx 13

Just watched the movie Clouds with my wife. Zach, you sir were incredible! The world truly needs more people like you in it! Life is about love and legacy. God Bless you and your family. Well done Disney for honoring this young man, Sammy and everyone he touched! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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This is my favorite song thank you Zack your spirit will always life forever you rock Zack R.I.P.


WHY THE HECK DID HE DIE!! The movie is so amazing!! I really recommend it!!


I just watched the movie and it almost made me cry. I wish he didn't die. I also know the struggles my cousin has cancer.😢 This is a great song




this is my favorite movie and song of all time it has brought so many memories of me and my best friend! 😭😭😭😭

Juliana Burgess

I had never heard of Zach’s story until the movie “Clouds” came out on Disney plus. I was amazed with his story and how much he really impacted the world with just his short life he had. This song makes me so happy and so so sad at the same time. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days now because I love it so much. I hope everyone has the chance to listen to this song and hear his story. :)


If Zach or Sammy can read this even though Zach is sadly dead...I would just want them to know that we miss you Zach and we love all your songs and the movie “Clouds” on Disney+ really inspired me to spread love and I even started to make a song. Zach I’m so sorry you had to go through cancer and chemo....But I heard this one song called “I Still Believe” that I heard the quotes “I just wish that someone can regain their belief in Christ from all I’ve gone through” and “it’s sad enough hearing this had happened to someone else but heading it happen to my own father makes it worse for me”. You helped me regain my belief Zach and thank you 🙏.


I loved this movie!!! Zac you will be truly missed Your a great inspiration soooo sad see you have cancer seen what you have went through. Love your song clouds.


I watched this movie and let me say I bawled my eyes out on every scene. I really enjoyed how the whole school sang for him when he couldn’t it. Just amazed me how cool he was as a person and that everyone supported him. I honestly cried which it’s really hard for me to cry. This movie is 10/10!!! The song is 10/10. Amazing characters who played the actual Sobeiac family shout out to you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️shout out to the sobeiac family you guys are awesome for doing this!!!

bacon man 619

Let’s get this song to number one

Mr. Boltagon

Great song. R.I.P


I bought this song on my other iTunes account back when it first came out. Just got it again. I cried like 10 times during this movie! So thankful for everything ❤️☁️💯

Sarah Grace Fan

What a wonderful song. Soul crushingly beautiful.


I love this song!! I just watched clouds on Disney+ and it is probably my favorite movie. This song is so touching! I can’t imagine going through what Zach and his family went through. Zach will always be loved and remembered. ❤️❤️❤️


All I can say is just thank you

clouds :) :D

I watched the movie and bought it and I think it was best decision I ever made


love u zach <3


Love the song, the movie and his story💕


This song either makes me just let everything out or bring a smile to my face!💕 #IAMPROUDTOBEAMINNESOTAN


The most beautiful thing ever


Such a great movie. What an amazing person! Praying for a cure! 🙏🏼


It was a nice song you know it’s such a beautiful way how Disney created a movie to honor the memory of Zack sadly died in 2013 May we honor him in his memory by listening to clouds


I love this song and the movie I recommend to watch this movie




Gets stuck in my head


great song, we miss you Zach, RIP❤️❤️


I LOVE THE SONG❤️, I just know Zach would be very happy 🥺


I loved the movie, it was so touching that it made me want to get the song that goes w/. It was a great choice


Fly high Zach☁️💙


I sobbed while watching the movie. You had a great story and will be very much missed 🙌🏼💕❤️




Clouds is a beautiful movie that gives respect to Zach


I wish I knew him he really had a fighting chance I watched the movie on Disney plus god bless Zach

GEO PERSON 12345678910

I’ve been invested in Zach’s story for a long time, and when I heard that Justin was going to tell Zach’s story in a movie (like he did with five feet apart) I was SO EXCITED. Justin told his story so beautifully, and I am forever grateful that others get to hear it because of him. Zach was an amazing individual and deserves to be celebrated every single day. Let’s get his song back to #1 on iTunes!!!


I hope the view is everything and more ❤️


this song is so special and everybody needs to buy it.


I loved the song and the story behind it


Beautiful movie of a very real life event. Zach continues living on through all of us touched by his song and the movie.


Love the song! Grateful for Zach and his incredibly inspiring life


Love it!!

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