Zhavia Ward - 17 - Ep

℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

17 - Ep Tracklist:




A gift to us and the music world!!!

Ariana does it again!!!!

I aspire to be as talented as you!


Love ya


God, she has such a refreshing vibe I honestly love all her and all the songs on the album. Can’t wait for her next one!


I’m so happy I purchased the album. So unique and so relatable

Better than dragon city

Been waiting since the Four and I couldn’t have asked for more I LOVE IT AND HERRER


Yes it is real for my girl, she said she will sleep once she die and I truly believe her words. Zhavia absolutely love her fans and I love her lyrics and the energy she put into her music as a new artist, her sound and style is unique. I hope she continues to move forward and avoid distractions. Love You Girl, Nayzol


I love her voice.


SoMo said he helped on candle light so now I like the song


I like her stuff she has a unique voice. But I have to say my fav by her is 17. And 100 ways in fire

Audio Filer

If you like whiny vocals on someone who sounds like they are trying too hard, over pop and sterilized “edgy” beats, then this is your jam. For real music fans, this factory made sound is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop songs. No thank you


I’m in love with this album!! I can’t stop listening, I have this album on repeat!!❤️💙💜💚 what I’m in love about the album is that it’s encouraging and appropriate, plus just a little perk (😂) her voice is amazing😍!! I love each and every song, they have a unique saying!!


I’ve been following Zhavia since the very first moment I heard her on The Four. She’s got such a unique sound and an awesome vibe. Truly loving this EP, keep’em coming <3<3 !!


Literally has me crying. This is such good music that needs to be discovered by the world! And the artist is such a good person also. I mean I’m to poor to actually buy the album, I listen to it all the time. Gets me through rough days and reminds me that I can do anything. One of your biggest fans! 💜 Don't ever stop trying to be heard. And never stop making music. Your voice is beautiful .💜


Outstanding work !!

Jewels T

Love this EP! Love the tone in her voice. Been follower since the four! Go get yours girl!!


Such a great EP! Zhavia is such a talented and inspiring artist!


Quality over quantity. Fell for you during the Four, and can’t wait to watch your journey as you grow in the music industry. Don’t ever lose sight of your authenticity, Zhavia! - A loyal fan.


Iam vary big fan of you love all you’re music keep up the good work you got this dream comes ture you’re already did

Everybody Sing

Zhavia is surely an artist on the rise. This EP needs to be promoted more it has meaningful lyrics and great sounds.

Music fo liifee

She’s great!